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About this collection

The Center for Pacific Northwest Studies, a program of Western Libraries' Heritage Resources, seeks to enhance public and scholarly understanding of the region’s past and present through expansion of its archival holdings, public programming, and publications.


The Center for Pacific Northwest Studies' Occasional Paper series was established by its founding Director, the late Dr. James W. Scott, as an interdisciplinary forum for presentation of interpretative studies on the past and present of the Pacific Northwest region. Some twenty four Occasional Papers (several now out of print) were produced in print form between 1972 and 1988. The series showcases significant scholarship in different areas of local and regional studies - much of it based upon research with archival collections now preserved by and available through the Center for Pacific Northwest Studies.


The list below shows Occasional Paper titles published in print - titles in bold are now available online as part of this digital collection:

  1. James H. Hitchman, The Port of Bellingham 1920-1970 (1972) Out of Print [this title is not available online]
  2. Don Eklund, Washington's "Wild Scotsman": The Early Aeronautical Adventures of L. Guy Mecklem (1974)
  3. John W. Mairs and Eugene A. Horeauf, The Puget Sound Region: A Portfolio of Computer Maps (1974)
  4. David G. Tremaine, Indian and Pioneer Settlement in the Nooksack Lowland to 1890 (1975) Out of Print
  5. James W. Scott and Manfred C. Vernon (editors), Man, Government and the Sea: Northern Puget Sound and the Straight of Georgia (1975)
  6. James W. Scott (editor), Transportation in the Puget Sound Region: Past, Present and Future (1976) Out of Print
  7. James H. Hitchman, Waterborne Commerce of British Columbia and Washington (1977)
  8. Robert L. Monahan, James W. Scott, Eugene A. Horeauf, and Richard W. Stone, The Puget Sound Region: A Second Portfolio of Topical Maps (1977) Out of Print
  9. Manfred C. Vernon and James W. Scott (editors), Fisheries in Puget Sound: Public Good and Private Interest (1977)
  10. Roland L. DeLorme (editor), Of Man, Time and a River: The Skagit River, How Should It Be Used (1977)
  11. James W. Scott, Donald K. Alper, and Manfred C. Vernon (editors), Oil In Washington Waters: Boon or Bane? (1978)
  12. Daniel E. Turbeville, The Electric Railway Era in Northwest Washington, 1890-1930 (1978/9) Out of Print
  13. Henry Davidson Sheldon and James H. Hitchman, Henry Davidson Sheldon and the University of Oregon 1874-1978 (1979)
  14. James W. Scott (editor), The Pacific Northwest and Beyond: Essays in Honor of Howard J. Critchfield (1980)
  15. Kenneth E. Gordon, Environmental Data Use in Computer-Assisted Spatial Data Handling Systems (1981)
  16. Keith A. Murray, History of the Bellingham Rotary Club (1981)
  17. James H. Hitchman, Liberal Arts Colleges in Oregon & Washington, 1842-1980 (1981) Out of Print
  18. Phyllis W. Bultmann (editor), The Great Depression and Its Fifty Year Shadow (1982)
  19. Garland F. Grabert, Ferndale in Prehistory: Archaeological Investigations in the lower and Middle Nooksack Valley (1983)
  20. Keith A. Murray, Centennial Churches of Washington's "Fourth Corner" (1985)
  21. Zella M. Schultz, On the Wings of the Wild Wind (1986)
  22. Don Eklund, Bay View: Pioneer City of the Sound: an oral history (1987) Out of Print 
  23. Matthew H. Dick and June R.P. Ross, Intertidal Bryozoa (Cheilostomata) of the Kodiak Vicinity, Alaska (1988)
  24. Keith A. Murray, Reindeer and Gold (1988)
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