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Conference Proceedings of the WDCAG Annual Meeting - March 6-8, 2008

Hosted by the Department of Environmental Studies
Huxley College of the Environment
Western Washington University

Place, Community, Nature
Alex G. Martin (University of North British Columbia)
The Importance of Place: Addressing Community-Company Relationships Within the Global Economy

Jennifer R. Herkes (University of North British Columbia)
The Development of a Sense of Community in an Instant Town

Mark D. Needham (Oregon State University)
Place Attachment and Management Tradeoffs at a Forest Campground: A Conjoint Analysis

Heather Castleden (University of Victoria)
`Hishuk Tsawak' (Everything is Connected): A Huu-ay-aht worldview for seeing forestry in British Columbia, Canada
Forest Science I
Lisa J. Wood (University of Victoria)
Dendroclimatic reconstruction of the climate of the Northern British Columbia Interior and its relationship to wood and fibre development

Aquila Flower (University of Victoria)
Growth Response of Conifers to Climatic Variability in the Northern Canadian Rocky Mountains

Darryl Carlyle-Moses (Thompson Rivers University)
Throughfall Spatiotemporal Variability within Two Conifer Stands of the Mayson Lake Hydrological Processes Study Area

Sarah J. Hart (University of Victoria), Colin P. Laroque (Mount Allison University), and Dan J. Smith (University of Victoria)
A dendroecological assessment of tree island growth trends and patterns in the Cavell Meadows, Jasper National Park, Canadian Rocky Mountains
Urban Geographies
Gilles Viaud (Thompson Rivers University)
The challenge of defining common Canadian urban policies in the context of divergent demographic trends in small and large cities

Dana L. Taylor (Thompson Rivers University)
Does recycling reduce ecological impacts at the scale of a small city?

Shawna M. T. Erickson, Steven Marsh (University College of the Fraser Valley)
Clayburn Creek Watercourse Assessment: Development and Stream Management in an Urban Residential Area

Susan Wells (Malaspina University College)
Smart Growth: can there be an African version?
Near Surface Processes
Koji Nagano (Muroran Institute of Technology)
Proximity AE doublet analysis for subsurface fracture measurement

Holly L. Goulding (University of Victoria)
Timing, Progression, Duration: An Investigation of Temporal Patterns of Break-Up and Ice Jam Flooding in the Mackenzie Delta, NWT

Scott I. Jackson and Terry D. Prowse (University of Victoria)
Spatial variation of snow vapour fluxes and melt in the Coldstream Basin, Okanagan, BC
Sustaining Environments
Jordan Vessels (Western Washington University)
The Great Unknown: The Canadian Oil Sands Project and its Relatively Unrecognized Economic and Environmental Impact in the United States

Martina Michalek (Western Washington University)
Sustainable develop in the retail sector: REI's stewardship efforts

Deidre M. Peroff (Western Washington University)
Eco-Palms: Providing a Sustainable Commercial Alternative to Palms for Palm Sunday

Zöe A. Meletis (University of Northern British Columbia)
Green conferencing outside of the bubble: the ISTS in Baja, Mexico (January, 2008)
Resource Management: Coastal British Columbia
Courtney Edwards (University of Victoria)
The use of green sea urchins (Strogylocentrotus droebachiensis) as a biocontrol for fouling on aquaculture net pens in British Columbia

Cali Bingham (University of Victoria)
Intertidal Clam Surveys in the Tofino Mudflats Wildlife Management Area: Recommendations for Management

Rachel P. White (University of Victoria)
Wildlife Trail Network in the Tofino Mudflats Wildlife Management Network: A Protection or Disturbance?
Forest Science II
Bethany L. Coulthard (University of Victoria), Colin P. Laroque (Mount Allison Univeristy), Dan J. Smith (University of Victoria)
Black spruce (Picea mariana) as an indicator species of the effects of forestry on treed bogs, southwest Nova Scotia

Julie Sabau (Simon Fraser University)
The Impact of Black Cottonwood on Nutrient Dynamics and Soil Properties in a British Columbia Coniferous Forest

Adam McKee (Thompson Rivers University)
Deriving Stemflow Funnelling Ratios for Vegetation Communities around the World Based on the Available Literature
Rural Geographies
Kyle Kusch (University of Northern British Columbia)
Mapping Migration Patterns in the Upper Fraser Region, British Columbia

Chelan Hoffman (University of Northern British Columbia)
`Scaling-up': Emerging regional governance structures for rural economic development

Anisa Zehtab-Martin, Catherine Nolin, Greg Halseth, and Neil Hanlon (University of Northern British Columbia)
`Services thin on the ground': Welcome to BC's north

Laurel Van De Keere & Catherine Nolin (University of Northern British Columbia)
Labouring in Rural Space: The Physical & Social Exclusion of Mexican Migrant Workers
Glacial Studies: Inventory, Resources, Applications
Tobias Bolch, Brian Menounos, and Roger Wheate (University of Northern British Columbia)
Satellite-based Western Canadian Glacier Inventory

Roger Wheate and Brian Menounos (University of Northern British Columbia)
Resources for past and present mapping of glaciers in the Western Cordillera

Krystal S. Chin (University of Calgary)
Application of Definiens Professional 5 (eCognition) to glacial micromorphology
Political Geographies
Petter Jacobson (University of Northern British Columbia)

Jennifer Gregory (Simon Fraser University)
Practical Rights?: Understanding local experiences of federal decisions

Dana Pidherny and Catherine Nolin (University of Northern British Columbia)
Corporate Social Responsibility for whom? The case of Canadian Mining in Guatemala

Garry Fehr (University College of the Fraser Valley)
Putting the Ecology back into Political Ecology
Poster Session
Tyler R. Adams (University of Victoria)
GIS The Future of Aircraft Flight Procedures

Yue-Ching Cheng (Simon Fraser University)
Tracer study in a large undisturbed soil core

Andrew J. Cuthbert (University of Victoria)
Prevalence and Distribution of Invasive Plant Species

Adam Day, Adam Shier, and Sam Vaughan (Western Washington University)
Canadian and American Earning Disparity Regarding Berry Production

Matt Fink, Matt Hoss, and Cole Giuntoli (Western Washington University)
Northern Spotted Owl Conflict

Melissa Giesbrecht (Simon Fraser University), Valorie A. Crooks (Simon Fraser University), and Michaela Hynie (York University)
Jumping into the Unknown: The Stress of Female Newcomers' Adjustment to Life in Toronto and their Implications for Delivering Primary Mental Health Care

Michael J. Grilliot (Western Washington University)
Seasonal Littoral Drift of Nourished Sediment on Marine Park Beach

Bryant Hammond (Western Washington University)
The North African Crossroads: Regional Labor Migration into Europe

Taylor E. Livingston (Western Washington University)
Yangtze River Crisis in loom of 2008 Summer Olympics in China

James T. Michel (Western Washington University)
Predicting the Riparian Vegetation Response to Dam Removal on the Elwha River Floodplain"

Christie Morrison (University of Victoria)
Japanese Eelgrass (Z. japonica) Monitoring

Sarah Paynter (Douglas College)
Using bodies: negotiating reproductive health in an Indian village

Christopher R. Phillips, BoRa Kim, Sunny Kunchik (Western Washington University)
Blanchard Mountain Land Use Crisis: Conflict Resolution with Game Theory

Jeanine Pieper (University College of the Fraser Valley)
Hudson Bay Company in the Pacific Northwest

Lacey Shoemaker (Western Washington University)
The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Debate

Tyler Smith (University of Northern British Columbia)
Impact of Landuse Activities on Fine Sediment-Associated Contaminants; Quesnel River Catchment, BC

Nicci Theroux, Ellen Bekkering, Erik Blair, and Alex Burkholder (University of British Columbia)
From the Ground up: Greening Brownfields in Our Community

Jeremy Toews (University College of the Fraser Valley)
Seeing the Forest Under the Trees: The Pine Mushroom Harvest of British Columbia
Resource Management: International
Hilary Flanagan (University of Alberta), Bonita McFarlane (Canadian Forest Service), Tara McGee (University of Alberta)
Residential Wildfire Mitigation in Alberta, Canada

Robyn L. Ceurvorst and Mark D. Needham (Oregon State University)
Social and Facility Carrying Capacities of Coastal Recreation Areas on Oahu, Hawaii

Michael J. Grilliot (Western Washington University)
Sea-level rise and sandy beach profile change

Tom Waldichuk, Azusa Iguchi, Akira Tabayashi (Thompson Rivers University & U. of Tsukuba, Japan)
The transformation of stone-wall strawberry cultivation to agri-tourism in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
Borderlands in the Northwest: Policy and Management
Rory Crowley (Langara College)
Cross Boarder Resource Management in the North Cascades

Ryan Anaka (Western Washington University)
Groundwater and Surface Water Management in the Fraser Lowland: Policy and Rights

Patrick Buckley (Western Washington University) and John Belec (University College of the Fraser Valley)
Evaluating Necessary Conditions for the Emergence of a Cross Border Region in the Fraser Lowland using a Delphi Model
Geographies of Health and Well-Being
Neil Hanlon (University of Northern British Columbia)
Access and utilization reconsidered: the case for a renewed geography of primary health care

Laura Ryser, Greg Halseth, and Neil Hanlon (University of Northern British Columbia)
Disrupting and Building a `Sense of Community': A case study of the Northern Medical Program

Cordelia J. Tryon (University of Victoria)
Public-private partnerships (P3): an assessment of the associated risks and benefits with application to the Greater Victoria Drinking Water Supply System (GVDWSS)

H.B. Nguendo Yongsi (University of Montréal)
Influence of women's schooling on children's health in developing societies: evidence from infant diarrheas in Cameroon.
Glacial Studies: Coast Mountains / Cascades
Christina Tennant, Brian Menounos, and Roger Wheate (University of Northern British Columbia)
Volumetric Change of Klinaklini and Tiedemann Glaciers, Southern Coast Mountains, British Columbia, Canada

L. E. Koehler and D. J. Smith (University of Victoria)
Mid-late Holocene glacial history of Manatee Glacier, Upper Lillooet Provincial Park, southern Coast Mountains, British Columbia

Brian Menounos (University of Northern British Columbia)
The Holocene record of glacier fluctuations on Mt. Baker, Washington USA
GIS and Spatial Data
Gerald B. Gabrisch (Western Washington University)
A voronoi diagram approach to defining surface hydrography using LIDAR-generated bare earth sample points

Mark E. Stephens (University of Northern British Columbia)
The development and use of a GIS package for broad-based needs at the Quesnel River Research Centre (central British Columbia)

Jacob Tully ( Western Washington University)
Reliability of Landfire Data: Checking the Data Against Itself

Matt Paskus (Western Washington University)
How Many Chickens?
Ecological Analysis and Restoration
Phillip N. Krauskopf (University of Northern British Columbia)
The Bowron River Watershed: A Landscape Level Assessment of Post-Beetle Change in Stream Riparian Function

Rose E. Agbalog (Western Washington University)
Effects of Fire on Cheatgrass Distribution in North Cascades National Park

Andrew Bach (Western Washington University)
History of the Elwha Dams, Washington: Dam Removal for Ecosystem Restoration and Treaty Obligations
Borderlands in the Northwest: Case Studies
Kenneth Favrholdt (Thompson Rivers University)
Crossing the Border in 1858: Gold Rush Routes from Washington to the Fraser and Thompson Rivers

Ryan Anaka (Western Washington University)
Transboundary Surface Water Management in the Fraser Lowlands: Bertrand Creek and Fishtrap Creek
Social and Cultural Geographies
Anna-Maria Viaud (Thompson Rivers University)
The evocation of place in music: travel observations from three regions of South America

Kirsten A. Fagervik (Thompson Rivers University)
The Republic of New Iceland

Imai E. Welch (University of Lethbridge)
What's Going On? A Study and Critique of Geography's History in Canadian Universities

Glacial Studies: Interior Ranges
Matthew J. Beedle, Brian Menounos, and Roger Wheate (University of Northern British Columbia)
An annual record of glacier terminus response to climate variability over the period 1959 - 2004 derived from annual push moraines, Castle Glacier, British Columbia

Hester Jiskoot, Colleen Curran, and Leslee Shenton (University of Lethbridge)
Hypsometry, geodetic ELAs, and snowlines of Clemenceau Icefield Group glaciers, Canadian Rocky Mountains

Kyla J.C. Patterson (University of Victoria)
Mapping the Retreat of the Asulkan Glacier in Glacier National Park, British Columbia, Canada

Colette Starheim and Fes de Scally (University of British Columbia)
Historical Streamflow and Climate Trends in Glacierized Watersheds of the Selkirk Mountains, British Columbia
Disaster Management and Conflict Analysis
Kit K. Radosevich (Western Washington University)
The Spanish-American War of 1898 and the Sinking of the U.S.S Maine

Todd Eastman (Western Washington University)
Stalingrad - Decisions Under Fire

Liesel M. Schilperoort (Western Washington University)
Political Strife and Violence in Northern Ugandan: The Invisible Children
Workshop and Panel Discussion
Panelists Gillian Angrove,(University of Victoria), Chris Oatman (University of British Columbia), Leifka Vissers, (University College of the Fraser Valley)
Sustainable Spaces, Sustainable Places - on the Efficacy of Student-led Environmental Sustainability Initiatives in Community Development

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